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Mike Pence
  Vice President on Kavanaugh Nomination  CSPAN  August 24, 2018 1:29pm-2:07pm EDT

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only waste product is water that comes out of the tailpipe and some auto engineers will drink the water that comes out for you the companies -- comes out. the water companies for decades -- the auto companies for decades -- there are a lot of problems for hydrogen. the technology is very expensive. get thepensive to refueling stations near people so there is a lot of cost associated with that.
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vice president pence: before i get started, let me bring greetings and thanks from the president of the united states. i bring greetings from president donald trump. [applause] it really is a privilege to be with all of you. for a brief time, i too was a republican lawyer. [laughter] i really was. i will tell you. the president and i cannot be
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more grateful. the role that each and everyone is playing in this rule -- in this room and the roles that each of you have played to ensure the integrity of america to ensure the integrity of the election past, present, and future, thank you. it really is my purpose to say thank you. thank you for the warm welcome, thank you for what each of you because of your efforts, on election day and everyday sense, i want to describe the last 18 months. it's been 18 months of action, 18 months of results, 18 months kept.mises made and and we are just getting started. think about it. think about the progress you have made as a nation on
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election day. it is extraordinary. we were part of an ministration that has been busy -- and rebuildingion busy the military. as the father of a marine i could not be more proud. this is the largest national increase in our national defense and ronald reagan. -- since ronald reagan. and as president kept his word early on, president trump literally from the first day of this administration went to work to bend of the potential the american economy. he assigned more bills, rolling back federal regulations than any regulate -- that any president in american history. we have unleashed american energy and we are now exporting energy has never before and president trump just before
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christmas signed the largest tax cut and tax reform in american history. and this economy is ruling as a result. it really is remarkable, nearly 4 million jobs created since election day, unemployment setting new records, the president and i could not be more proud, we have set new records, the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for african americans and hispanics. the american dream is working again. for every american. and those 401(k)s, those pension funds are getting stronger every day. has grown byket nearly 40%, and just this last week on the front pages of papers around the country there was news, the longest running
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bull market in american history. and you saw the second-quarter numbers, and reminded me of an event like this in new york city. 2016, thetember of republican candidate asked me to join him at the economic club of new york. indiana from southern it was a fancy deal. man from southern indiana was a fancy deal. we were in the fancy back rooms, and there it was, he was looking at the speech and he got to the part where he said we are going to cut taxes and use reading it out loud, and he says we are going to see the national economy is going to grow by 3%
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by the end of our first term, then he looked up at the speechwriters writers and he said it has to be more than that. too, but the we do atomic -- but the economy is not grown by more than 2% for the last decade. so let's go with three. he said no i think it will be more than three. here's the thing, how about three, he says ok but i think it will be more. go on youtube during the speech, if you are bored, and go check it out. i'm sitting over here with all of these people on the stage with us, i'm in the line of sight, he gets to the part of speech and says we are going to cut taxes and rollback regulation and nunley's american and unleash'm it -- american energy and i'm establishing a national goal of 4% economic growth in the gdp.
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then he looked and said those people backstage do not want me to tell you that but i think it's going to happen, in the end of the second-quarter quarter in our second year we posted 4.1% in the gross domestic product and we are just getting started. all of that is what happens when you put commonsense republican principles and practice. that is what you have made possible. that is what republican lawyers associations have made possible. since 1985, you have been hard at a, 6000 members brought together republican lawyers across the country to advance principles -- our principles. i'm told in the 2016 more than a thousand members were out ensuring elections -- election integrity across the country. we could not be more grateful to each of you. if you like what you see happening, get used to it and
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stay involved. but give yourselves a round of applause. you made a difference. you did. before we go further, there's a couple of people i want to thank, one of them is a republican lawyer from the hoosier state, he serves as the general council and the office of him. together, whole thing matt morgan, i don't know where you are. take a bow. thank you. a really smart guy, a great guy. he is one other person -- there is one other person i have to ignore knowledge, there are so many republican lawyers in this room, but i would be remiss if i did not mention someone who in the past was not -- was white house counsel not just a one president but two and he continues to be emblematic of what it means to be a principled
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republican lawyer -- a principled republican lawyer in america. stand up front. -- fred. he's done a lot of work. i'm here to say thanks to all of hereall of you folks a got with the same colors. of you young people in the room, thank you for what you've done, thank you for your commitment to republican ideals. election, this group has helped it -- the administration advance its agenda, but it's probably no more significant than the long-term interests -- than the support that you have provided
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as president trump kept his word to appoint judges who will constitution as written. because of your support, today president trump has nominated women and mentor federal courts. they are conservatives. we are working with the republican senate, despite opposition by democrats, we have been able to confirm nominees at a record rate, in 2017 we set a record, for the most court of appeals judges confirmed in a single year of any administration in american history. in fact, in the first as the years of the administration we
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are up to 26 circuit core confirmations as of the end of last week with a lot more work to go. overall the senate has now tofirmed 53 nominees lifetime appointments on the federal judiciary, you'll be pleased to know that we have also confirmed 65 united states attorneys who will stand firm upholdalled law -- and law across america. toant to give credit words -- where it is due. working with the senate, i think i'm up to eight tie-breaking votes. it's pretty close quarters in the senate these days. i have more to say about that in a minute. heartfeltant to say thanks for two people in particular and i hope you join me in showing your appreciation for chairman chuck grassley and republican leader mitch mcconnell, thank you for delivering.
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for a american tradition -- for a principled american judiciary. the men and women in this room have been supporting judicial nominees, you've made your case is in our states, and in public debate. we are grateful for everything you've done. i know you're particularly grateful that we've also nominated a number of members into positions in cords around the country, including one who ended up serving with distinction on the 10th circuit court of appeals, a former member by the name of justice neil gorsuch. in nominating just as gorsuch president trump kept his word, toappointed a justice replace antonin scalia a. and in the early days of his
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tenure, justice gorsuch has proven himself. commitment to the constitution and the principles of limited government, president trump and i could not be more proud of of justice gorsuch. we also cannot be more proud of , judget justice kavanaugh. i don't have to tell members of the republican national lawyers association that he has impeccable qualifications, but i'm going to anyway. the word needs to get out. it's a critical time.
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in the process of confirmation in the senate. and the opportunity to gather before you and pay attention to what we are now about this jurist is a timely and goodies. use.d good he went to the same prep school that justice gorsuch 12. i was told that they went to the same school at the same time. , is that one's objective is to be a man for others. worku look the life and and character of judge kavanaugh , you can see that it's always about others. yale, heted from clerked in the third circuit, and then he declared for the man
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who he will be -- would be .eplacing he served as the associate counsel of the white house, what many regard as the second highest court in the land, the court of appeals of the district of columbia. during his time on the bench, he has been called the judges judge , stunning 39 of his 48 clerks of gone on to clerk at the supreme court. his peers and see him as a thought leader, his opinions are cited by courts across the country, and the supreme court morendorsed his opinions than a dozen times. i think that for the round of applause. is -- is worth a round of applause. credibilityord of on the bench, he is 307 opinions
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, andy prove his intellect you can see he has a judicial philosophy. he is proven his support for forgious liberty, he is to the second amendment right to keep and bear arms, he's enforce the constitution's limits on government power, including the separation of the balance of checks and balances. is, he supports the principles of limited government enshrined by the constitution. he is a textual list, and he enjoys a broad degree of support
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of yale lawofessor school has praised him as a mentor for young lawyers, and particularly women. obtainped deal students clerkships with him, including her daughter. she told the wall street journal and i quote, there's no judge i auld cut -- trust more to be teacher, advocate, and friend. in her recent article, lisa blatt who is described as a liberal feminist lawyer, argued 35 cases before the supreme court and she wrote democrats should support judge kavanaugh, quit attacking him. she'd knowledge is that when he knocks a justice he will
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him out the way i want in each case, or even most cases, but she went on to say he would do the job with dignity. and that the senate should confirm him. thank you lisa blatt. time, as thed president was deliberating, i got to spend time with judge kavanaugh and i can to compress . was beyond extraordinary career, and its urinary inlet -- an extraordinary intellect, you find humility combined with that left me perfect -- impressed.
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here's a man who puts his family first, and he puts his community first, he coaches a basketball team for his daughter, he attends church on sunday and he tutors kids at a local elementary school. and the whole country caught a -- of his him character and heart does the days after the president nominated him, despite changes happening in his life, he still showed up and kept to a commitment he made long before and serving meals of macaroni and cheese to d.c.'s homeless. despite that record, character, and temperament, it's extraordinary to look at the attacks on him since he was
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named. if you look over the accusations, there gone after him for literally doing his job while working in a prior and ministration. they found evidence of his supposedly extreme views based upon article zero for his college newspaper. worldriticized his elite while at the very same article quoted a local bartender who described him as a middle-age guy who pops in for a budweiser and a burger. my personal favorite, the media when after him for being a middle-class american with a middle-class budget who likes baseball. is, if we lived in a more respectful time, he be overwhelmingly confirmed.
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he would be overwhelmingly confirmed. justice scalia was confirmed 98-0. justice ruth bader ginsburg received their support of 96 senators -- the support of 96 senators. sadly democrats have no intention of getting this good man the consideration of the .upport -- of their support. is --he constitution says has turned to obstruct and oppose. it is true. the truth is it's not just limited to our nominee to the supreme court, democrats have tried to defeat or delay on most every single judicial nominee the president trump has set up her confirmation. as we spit there has been an unprecedented 42 district court nominees who are waiting for a senate vote.
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when the time comes, nearly every nominee draws significant if not universal opposition from democrats. the truth is there are a handful of democrats that vote with us from time to time but it's a small number. look at neil gorsuch, he had a unanimous and well-qualified rating from the american bar, though here been confirm of the , alle in 2006 unanimously the three democrats voted against -- all but three democrats voted against conforming justice gorsuch. they are pulling out all the stops on judge kavanaugh. , notd in the unthinkable it was unthinkable that a senator would announce their opposition to a nominee before the nominee was announced. happened, fively
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senate democrats announced they were opposed to president trump's nominee to the supreme court before president trump nominated judge kavanaugh. that is simply obstruct and oppose. the people deserve better. senator schumer's leading democrats to come got -- they are demanding a ridiculous number of documents into judge kavanaugh's past, the chairman has been sending strong and we are praying for him, chairman grassley has a long reputation of credibility for vetting judicial nominees. but is also putting guardrails of reasonable expectation around
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document production. think about this, during the confirmation of elena kagan, they turned over -- by contrast the senate judiciary committee has received 440,000 pages for judge kavanaugh, more than any other supreme court nominee in american history. mind -- democrat minority say it is still not enough. the truth of the matter is, we are going to do all that we can to support this nominee, we will provide the senate the opportunity and resources to review the record in detail. when you look at his record and his character, you know judge brett kavanaugh deserves the support of every member of the united states senate. we're going to fight to take his case to confirmation.
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we need your help. we need your continued engagement. not just those of you who came to lunch but the 6000 members, leaders in your community, to get out and spread the word. .pread the word in every state get the word to every senator for every state about what judge kavanaugh brings. i hope you leave today and understand that i hold the view that the most powerful media in news,a is not television the internet, social media, i've always believed, and still believe the most powerful media in america is the word of mouth. , on someone hears from you
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an issue you believe is important, someone who respects he was a person and as a professional -- someone who respects you as a person and professional, and leaves an impact. of this story extraordinary nominee, confirmation hearings are set for september 4. so there's plenty of time between in the days between now and then. i was in washington the other day, having lunch. into -- --i ran into mic, and he spent a half-hour telling me why judge kavanaugh should be just as kavanaugh. we need you to get out and do it. all of the leaders in this room, the respective command in your communities, go out and tell the will beof this man who
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an extraordinary justice for the supreme court of the united states. so i will close by saying thank you. thank you for the work you have done to support this administration, past, present, and future. your support has made them -- has made it possible to deliver -- it is alsos, that growing economy, strengthening american security, everything we've been able to do is been able to do because of your support and the strength of your support. right after we get him confirm to the supreme court of the united states, i don't know if you notice but we have elections coming up in november and i want everyone in the our nla --rnla, i want to do everything in your power to reelect republicans. we have to get out.
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we have to tell the story. the truth is, we need renewed energy. we need your other on the confirmation of judge kavanaugh, after that take a breath and go right back to work. records that the first midterm election for the party in the white house is challenging. that's been true for our party for all but two elections out of the last 100 years. wisdom,he conventional but i think you all know what president trump thinks of conventional wisdom. we made history, and then we will make history again when we
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reelect republican majorities in the house and senate. so get out and do it. and let's do it because we really know the stakes. we know the stakes in this election. from our courts to our economy to our security of the country. convinced,olutely more so after seeing the enthusiasm of all the lawyers gathered here today. if we do all we can we will have a new justice on the supreme court named brett kavanaugh. for decades to come.
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we will keep this economy growing and this america more stronger and prosperous. president donald trump in the white house. i know we will make america safe again. we will make america great again. thank you. god bless you and god bless america.
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>> we will have more from the trump administration later today. the president will visit ohio for a political fundraiser in downtown columbus. his speech begins at 6 p.m. eastern. live coverage on c-span. eastern, theght senate hearing at the institutes of health. a special project on spinal muscular patch p. exciting in the columbus ohio, which recently
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tested gene therapy. are infants not expected to survive more than 15 months. over the next few months something truly traumatic happened. 100% of the kid to get the highest those -- highest dose of gene therapy were alive. like 3.5 cannot only talk and walk, she can even do push-ups. >> and listen with the free c-span radio app. the democratic national committee holds its summer meeting in chicago this weekend, committee members will consider the potential changes the in the number bidding process.